Things Your Organization Can Learn

5 Things Your Organization Can Learn

1. Policies and Procedures

Hiring practice policies and procedures should be developed to include unbiased review of the applicant information.  Specific job requirement criteria should be used when assessing an applicants employability and background check information should be the last information gathered before a hiring decision is made.

2. Employee Training

Hiring managers should be required to go thorough training on hiring policies and procedures as well as  governing laws to ensure legal compliance.  This includes training on hiring biases, diversity and other factors that affect the hiring process.

3. Hiring Decision Review/Audit

An unbiased third party supervisor should be used to review all job applicants to ensure the person selected was the best fit for the position as well as an audit of the decision making process.  This would include review of any job testing results, references, background checks and interview notes.  This unbiased review can help flush out biased selections.

4. Documentation

All job applicants should be processed the same way and there should be a hiring check-sheet that outlines all of the supporting documents and records for all job applicants.  This information should be kept for future reference if questions arise.

5.  Policy Review Cycle

All policies and procedures should be reviewed at least annually to ensure compliance with policy and updated to reflect changing regulations.  Hiring managers should be included in the annual review cycle as a reminder of the policies.

This case is a sticky topic because no one wants a convicted criminal on their payroll and employers have a responsibility to ensure a safe workplace for their employees.  Creating structured hiring processes that include training those who have hiring decision making authority is a great first step in protecting your organization from discriminatory hiring practices.

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